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DropSticks is a single player puzzle game. To complete a puzzle, a player arranges sticks of various lengths onto a predefined pattern. The time to place all sticks and the number of hints used are recorded for each puzzle.

At the start of a game, the free pool is filled with a set of sticks for the currently selected puzzle. A game timer is started when the player selects a stick from the free pool and drops it onto the puzzle. The player continues to select and drop sticks until the puzzle is complete.

To aid in solving puzzles, the player may rearrange the sticks in the free pool, place the sticks onto the empty parts of the board, or move sticks back into the free pool.

When the free pool is generated the orientation of each stick is randomize. So each stick may need to be rotated up to 3 times to get the stick into the correct orientation.

A stick may be rotated by dragging the stick with one finger and tapping the screen with another finger. This can be done with one hand or two.
Puzzle #1 game play.
Puzzle #2 game play.
Puzzle #3 game play.
Puzzle #4 game play.
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