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TotAlphabet is a game intended to put a little fun into recognizings the letters of the alphabet and their order.

There are four modes to the game, Start screen, Match the Letter, Find the Letter and Arrange the Letters. On the bottom of each game mode screen in a keyboard with a key for each letter in the alphabet.

The first mode presented allows playing along with the alphabet song, selecting one of the three other game modes, or accessing the settings overlay.

In Match the Letter, a letter is selected randomly and presented in the left box in the cloud. Tapping the matching letter will cause the puppy to bark and then select another random letter. Match all letters for the celebration sequence.

In Find the letter, three letters are displayed in the cloud. A forth letter is displayed as an underline. Tap the correct letter to complete the letter sequence. Find all letters for the celebration sequence.

In Arrange the Letters, the cloud contains all of the letters arranged randomly. Drag each letter to it's matching position in the keyboard and release to cause the puppy to bark. Arrange all letters for the celebration sequence.

Tap RESET to restore the keyboard to the starting state.

The Settings overlay allows the keyboard layout to be set. There are two layouts, two lines and qwerty, each of which can have upper or lower case letters.
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