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TotBlocks is the first in a line of Tot games intended for toddlers and K to 7 children. My Granddaughter has played TotBlocks since she was about 2 years old. In the beginning, the blocks were just solid colours with no lighting or screen effects. Over the 6 months or so with the help of an Artist friend, it is now ready for release.

My granddaughter is now 3 1/2 and can add, move, and stack blocks. Then make them fall over while saying, "Timber". She also likes to add many blocks to the playing field and then say, "That's a lot of blocks". Then use the cleanup button to watch them all magnet to the starting positions.

The app has 15 save slots to store the block layout. Saved layouts can be loaded and continue to be worked on. A picture of a layout can be saved to the camera roll. Once saved, the picture can be shared on social media.

Once a block is added to the playing field, it can be picked up by touching and holding, then dragged. If there are blocks stacked on top they will move with the block (move carefully). More than one block can be picked up at a time. You can also have two or three people holding blocks in position while support blocks are put in place.

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